Saturday, June 7, 2008

Swivel Hitch Installation Video

Motorcycle cargo trailers have a unique relationship with the bikes that tow them because the ball-and-coupler connection between the two moves in multiple dimensions as the motorcycle leans through a turn.

Some riders feel there is sufficient range of motion in the existing coupling to accommodate their riding style while other riders feel a swivel is essential. Then too, there are occasions when the motorcycle's lean can exceed the range of the joint and twist the trailer tongue. Hopefully this will only happen at low speeds, e.g. a tip-over in the parking lot or dropping the bike in a tight U-turn; I've done the former and heard from someone who has done the latter. In either case, it's possible the bike might lean too far, twisting the tongue.

Here's a little five-minute video I put together that demonstrates how a swivel is installed on a cargo trailer.

Click this link to order a swivel hitch for your motorcycle trailer.

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